Scalable set of icons based on the Pecita font used for example in a Gnome theme

Download this sample of user Gnome theme (take attention to the hidden files)

computer drive-harddisk folder user-home user-trash-full folder-bin folder-documents folder-music folder-pictures folder-remote folder-templates folder-video user-desktop edit-select-all system-lock-screen exit system-shutdown help-about help view-refresh go-last go-first go-top go-rtl go-bottom go-previous go-next go-up go-down go-ltr go-jump go-home gnome-display-properties preferences-desktop preferences-system applications-system applications-utilities applications-graphics applications-multimedia applications-office gnumeric utilities-terminal file-roller file-roller system-search applets-screenshooter accessories-character-map accessories-dictionary mail accessories-calculator accessories-text-editor abiword baobab brasero evolution iceweasel filezilla seahorse system-software-install system-software-update